The Inspiration Behind the Isla Fortuna Quatrefoil Icon

The quatrefoil means "four leaves" in Latin. In art, architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, the quatrefoil is a type of symmetrical decorative framework which enjoyed peak popularity in Gothic and Rennaisance eras. It's also vey common in Spanish Colonial architecure, so we see it a lot around Puerto Rico, especially in San Juan. It's classic, yet looks fresh at the same time. Some also say it's a symbol of good luck and good fortune - another reason it's fitting for Isla Fortuna. We think it's beautiful and that's why we chose to use it as an icon for the Isla Fortuna brand. Here are a few photos we've snapped around San Juan. 

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Welcome to Isla Fortuna

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” - Willa Cather

 AMOR. It's one word that defines our inspiration for starting this company and our very first collection. 

Love is the cause of everything good in life. And the Amor Collection is a timeless reminder to turn to love and harness its positivity to create change in your life.  

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